Solo Travel – Fall in love with yourself !


The above quotes validate how we begin submitting to a new atmosphere. When we dock in a new city or country we forget our past, worries sad, destruction and others discover peace and joy in travelling.
We are addressing about solo travelling which is not only trending but is liking by our solo travellers.

Solo travelling is pertained to travelling on its own without any other people. Solo Travelling is for those people who are introvert, doesn’t have much friends and colleagues and going with a brisk schedule. You can gain six elements by it that is :

1) Confidence – Confidence is the first and foremost key to success if you want are planning to travel. Relax, move out from those four walls and do what you like!

2) Do what you wanted to do – Nowadays we are making a bucket list and it is one of the best planner ever. Make your bucket list and contact the travel agency and you are ready for your journey.

3) Be socialise –

Socialising will increase your contact list and memories. It will also make a sense that not everyone is sitting to taunt you, some people love humanities and become a member of it.

4) Away from the loved one ! –

It is rightly said that away from the loved one realise the importance of family. From the mama girl or mama boy environment when you finally step into a journey where you have to be self-reliant for many things which used to depends on others.

5) Take a break from Social Media –

You used to feel low because of other pics that how beautiful they are. But do you know there is something more than it is the travelling Life the moments you will get lots of time to show off in social media? And travelling doesn’t accommodate social media always because it is itself a social medium to connect with new people

6) Detox from Evil Society !

Travelling is the best choice not only to evade from the judgemental society but to find out something different and to know how we were looking at the places with one sight or just have heard from someone else. For example, Pondicherry or Maldives if you will go there you will understand better than searching on google thing. You will experience more than traveller and you will gain about that place, about the people and its customs.

When I went to beaches it offers me the perception of freedom to putter with water and sands. When I roam around my destination it increases my confidence to explore that places, to encounter new people whom I know a little bit or no, eating the delicacy or the unknown food which I used to browse in google. Travels add
experience, amassing knowledge about the place of its culture and tourism.

You are intresting and thats the mantra !
Believe in yourself and make yourself interesting for yourself. Go for a walk, or dive or surf have the best experience of your life. Cherish it!

When I travel alone, I don’t see how things are going to work, I only see what are the parameters I have to crush without any mistake or problem! My body gropes like the beautiful creature I have earned. My mind keeps prompting on what I am capable of I can overcome no matter what others mean but I will locate my way to my destination!

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